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Vintage absinthe
from the 19th century is very rare and a serious reproduction nowadays is unthinkable without obtaining a perfectly sealed bottle of pre-banned absinthe.
Its color, strenght, the nice louche, the anise-wormwood after taste and aroma are so unique that only those very few who have tasted it can tell.
After such a long time the alcohol bite of the pre-banned absinthe dissapeared, the essential oils blended all together into a smooth full bodied drink which the poets and artists from the 19th century Bell Epoque took for granted but not for too long, however.
Absinthe became so popular and its consumption grew rapidly so that the cases of alcoholism and absinthism producing hallucinations of sight and hearing, and convulsion could be seen.
This gave rise to anti-alcoholic movements to finally ban absinthe in 1907 in Switzerland and in many other countries including the United States.
After the ban absinthe could not be served for around 100 years and only recently the first perfectly preserved vintage absinthes appeared for sale to reveal the history almost lost forever.This offers the unique opportunity one feels like traveling back in time.But for how long remains to be seen.

Vintage absinthe reproduction and classic absinthe for sale can be found in our absinthe shop.

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